Test Bench Report on PRM-217-3G TM Broadcast Intl. TM Broadcast

Tested! Plura PRM-217-3G, In this new TM BROADCAST issue we analyze a kind of equipment that has a big presence in all our audiovisual productions. We are talking about the PRM217-3G monitor from the American manufacturer ” Plura Broadcast” represented by its subsidiary in Europe ” Plura Europe GmbH “.

Plura Broadcast, has extensive experience in the manufacture of technical systems for the broadcast industry worldwide , with excellent results. Always focused in facilitate the work of media professionals, with designs made considering the needs of the end user as described in the numerous positive reviews for their teams. We are in a situation in which the technology goes fast forward increasing multi – purpose products, with the highest possible characteristics and reasonable prices. On this monitor these premises have presence. I work with all kinds of monitors during my workday. I meet with such classic tube monitors, although evicted years ago, but we
still find them in almost all facilities, and also LCD panels, TFT, LED, etc, with different characteristics. With multi – screen generators is becoming increasingly complicated, through the screens on which are implemented, confirm that the image you are monitoring is the standard reference we want in our
productions. Hence the need for monitors capable of offering a reliable reference video, with the possibility of external calibration to adjust its parameters over the years, without having to perform on a single monitor a relatively excessive financial outlay.
We have a monitor that allows us to control quality of different signals, giving us several options for displaying data measured on the video and audio signal.

Its main features are:
– HD/SD SDI 2 Input / 2 Output.
– WAVEFORM / Vector Scope / Time code Display. – Dual waveform display available
– 16 ch Audio Lever Meter Display. (SDI only)
– Analog & Digital Signal Audio Lever Meter Display. 
– LeverMeter Size display selectable (Small or Large)
– Dual Link MODE & 1080p 60 Compatible
– Closed Caption CEA 608, 708, Line 801 & OP-47 • H Flip, H/V Delay.
– Audio Disembedder & Internal Speaker & Headphone out & Monitor out
– Color Temperature – User, VAR, 11000K, 9300K, 6500K, 5400K, 3200K
– Over Scan/Zero Scan/Under Scan/Pixel to Pixel
– PIP (Picture In Picture)/PIP Blend
– Tally LED function (Green/Red/AMBER)
– Integrated DVI (HDCP) function.
– HDMI (HDCP) function.
– Supports VESA DDC2B and a subset of VESA standards.
– Single board is suitable for mounting behind an LCD panel.
– Support RS-232C.
– Support External GPI Control (RJ-45).
– OSD: Graphic based OSD, 7 Languages (UNICODE System).
– LCD Dimming Control
– Manual Dimming Level Control.
– Rack Mount (OPTION)
– Battery Mount (OPTION)
– Native Calibration: CA-310, CA210 (Minolta), K-10 (Klein)
– 10bits 3D LUT Color Calibration (BT.709, SMPTE-C, EBU, NTSC, D-Cinema)
– Multi Control(RS-232C)
– Lan To Serial
– Audio Loudness(LKFS)

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