SPT Nominees for the NewBay Product Innovation Awards 2017

SPT Studio Production With ‘MTDoE’ Multi-Time Display Over Ethernet/IP

PoE-Driven, Network-Based Studio Time Generator

Unequivocally the SPT is the one and only standalone PoE driven network-based studio time generator in the market hands-down.

• The SPT form factor is perfect for any type of production applications. Compact enough to be a versatile and comprehensive device, it is available in desktop and rackmount versions.

• All PLURA MTDoE devices can be powered by PoE. A single network cable is all you need to connect each device to your LAN or WAN network.

• The SPT generates and distributes up to six different timers, Up/Down/ different time zones/time difference in addition to local time and date.

• All these timers can be generated simultaneously and displayed over unlimited digital displays or third party multi-viewers over LAN or WAN.

Like never before, customers can integrate all timers generated by the SPT unit/s into third-party multiviewers’ output display signal.

• MTD-ID Intelligent 4.3-inch Multi-Time LCD Display can be integrated with the SPT to display seven different programmable timers at a glance with color customization.

• The SPT can be synchronized to a NTP server for real-time reference.

• Multiple SPT units can be connected in different LAN or WAN networks for unlimited multiple timers.

• SPT timers can be synchronized with multiple worldwide and remote sites using Ethernet2MTD option.

All PLURA Ethernet displays can be integrated to the SPT.

• Third-party LTC displays can also be integrated to the SPT network with the ELC unit “Ethernet – LTC” PoE option. Each ELC can support 2 LTC channels.

• SPT timers can be displayed and controlled on any Android device with PLURA APP at Google Store.

• The SPT timers can also be displayed on a standard HDMI monitor using the Ethernet2HDMI option.

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