PBM-4K-H Series

The PBM-4K-H Series is our latest portfolio of 4K monitors that is capable to decode and preview a wide range of signal standards in 4K, UHD, FHD and HD standards. The PBM-4K-H was introduced in alignment with increased industry demand for an affordable yet comprehensive 4K monitor series.

The PBM-4K-H series is available in multiple sizes from 10 up to 55 inches, the Plura PBM-4K-H series bring the exceptional built-in feature set Plura monitors are known for, maintaining quality and performance to give production facilities an edge in Ultra HD monitoring.

The Plura PBM-4K-H is a comprehensive tool for all UHD/4K, 3G broadcast systems and all other wide-range industries.

The PBM-4K-H Series was designed and engineered for simple operation and future flexibility. The platform is built around FHD panel display and powerful FPGA chipset. The core of this platform is based on fully programmable architecture. Future proof expansion (i.e. additional features and functionalities can and will be implemented in the field via the Ethernet interface).

The PBM-4K-H Series offers Ember+ compliant control system capabilities, i.e. can be controlled by Lawo-VSM, BFE-Core or any other Ember+ compliant control system.