PLURA’s most reliable and affordable PCIe cards are being used by variety of customers in many critical and important computer hardware and software development applications.

PCIeTS is a PCIe Timecode synchronization Cards for PC.

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  • PCIeTS is a PCI express PCIe Timecode synchronization cards for PC.
  • Each card has its own processor system with a register set for data transfer.
  • Critical time routines are completely decoupled from the PC’s CPU, which enables extensive error checking.
  • An automatic frame rate detection (24, 25, 30, 30 DF) is supported.
  • Parallel operation of two or more PCIe-Cards is supported.
  • Windows 10/7/8/XP/Vista/2003/2008 32-64 bit and Linux Drivers are available.
  • DLL functions for reading timecode and configuration are available.
  • C/C++, Visual Basic and Delphi are supported.
  • The „Monochrome Transfer“ method of MPEG transfer is available with this card.

Typical applications for the PCIeL card:

  1.  Subtitling
  2. Computer controlled editing
  3. Interactive video
  4. Technical scientific analysis
  5. Other applications that are based on picture accurate video processing


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