Klein K-10

The Klein K-10 SF Incident CIE Colorimeter Probe is one of the other four probes that been integrated with Plura ICAC tool. It is specifically designed to measure LCD with CCFL or LED back-lit displays including Plura monitors. The K-10 SF is designed to be the best colorimeter in sensitivity, stability and speed. It attaches directly to a PC, and runs with the Plura ICAC tool PC program. K-10 SF’s are available with either USB or RS-232

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Klein K-10- Data Interface: (K-10 SF USB) USB Communication to PC

  • – Output Connector: (K-10 SF USB) USB plug for communication and power- Data Interface: (K-10 SF RS-232) 9600 baud RS232 Communication to PC- Output Connectors: (K-10 SF RS-232) Serial com 9-pin (DB9), and USB plug for 5v power- Size: 10.5″ Long x 2.375″ Diameter (267mm x 60mm)- Power Supply: 5 volts, 75mA nominal (175mA max w/LED’s On) from a PCs USB port, or from included power supply


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