ICAC software

PLURA ICAC (Intelligent Connection for Alignment & Calibration) Freeware Tool was created, engineered and utilized to calibrate multiple color related elements in all Plura monitors automatically using recommended color probes.

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PLURA ICAC (Intelligent Connection for Alignment & Calibration) Tool can be used to measure, adjust and calibrate the items below:-

  • -Brightness levels
  • Gamma
  • Color Space levels
  • Color temperature
  • Back-light uniformity

The ICAC can load custom & save target levels as well as save measurement & calibration log files

The below third party probes has been integrated to calibrate & measure all Plura monitors automatically.

These probes can also calibrate & color measure other third party monitors manually.*

  • Klein K-10
  • Minolta CA-310
  • Specbos 1201
  • Spyder Elite

(*Provided the third party monitor has manual color adjustment capabilities…)



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