The RUB GT is part of the RUBIDIUM SERIES 1 modular system which offers flexibility, future proof and longevity.

RUB GT module is a “Master Time Code” generator with most typical studio synchronization capabilities and supports various formats.

The RUB GT is a complete generator solution designed for compact applications. i.e. Master LTC timecode system comprises of

  • RUB GT
  • RUB GNS10
  • RUB PM
  • RUB H1

The RUB GT offers extensive monitoring and control capabilities, designed for complex and fail-proof redundant systems.

Product Documents

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  • Generate LTC
  • Convert TC_link to LTC
  • Synchronize to Blackburst
  • Synchronize to seconds pulses
  • Control monitor ready
  • MTDoE reader

The following options enable further functionalities 

  1. Generate VITC(option V)
  2. LTC reference input (option L)
  3. IRIG-B reference input (option I)
  4. Automation system interface (option A)
  5. Clock driver output (option M)
PLURA Broadcast
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LTC, MTD, VITC Optional

Reference Type

GPS, IRIG-B Optional, LTC Optional


Generator, Timer



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