The RUB C3 is part of the RUBIDIUM SERIES 1 modular system which offers flexibility, future proof and longevity.

The RUB-C3 module conforms to SMPTE 2059-2 standards & IEEE 1588-2008 PTPv2 profile.

The RUB C3 is the one of the most accurate tools to generate PTP signals in the broadcast industry.

The RUB C3 has two 10MHz outputs and can be synchronized with any third-party SPG system.

Product Documents

  • The RUB C3 module has five different S/W platforms that can be programmed to:-
      1. GM = Grandmaster Slave Mode
      2. SL = Slave Mode
      3. BC = Boundary Clock.
      4. GF = Grandmaster with fallback
      5. BG = Boundary Clock with GPS option
  • 10/100/1000 Base-T PTP Ethernet port
  • Compatible with SMPTE 2059-2
  • Two 10 Mhz outputs come standard, third output is an option
  • PPS, time and date data string reference outputs
  • Additional unbalanced and balanced PPS outputs
  • Leap year/second compatible
  • SNMP ready
  • Hot Swappable
  • Failure Relay
  • Compatible with TC_link
  • Integrated Surge Voltage Protector
  • UMID data capable
PLURA Broadcast
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PTP Optional

Reference Type

PTP Optional



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