President & CEO
Ray Kalo, President & CEO
PLURA Broadcast
From The President…

I would like to take this opportunity to renew our commitment and dedication to better serve you and your customers since 2006. We hope that every New Year brings prosperous and good cheer to you and your organization.
Plura produces high-quality broadcast solutions. Products are manufactured, assembled, quality controlled and serviced at Plura locations in Phoenix, Arizona & Wuppertal, Germany. In addition Plura products are backed by a network of high-calibre dealers and distributors serving customers worldwide.
Plura products are characterized by:
Full Quality Control in the U.S.A. & Germany
Commanding and Unmatched Functionality
Reliability & Swift Delivery
Competitive pricing
Plura is committed to assisting our customers with their current Monitoring and Timing technology needs. So if you are looking for the very best, in product, service and value, you have our guarantee that we will provide the finest products, backed by multiple years of expertise and unmatched service and support.

Diversity, superiority and integrity are not only important for our company philosophy, but crucial to assembling an international company that is able to develop business relationships in a worldwide economy.

~ Ray Kalo, President & CEO