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RUB C3 - PTP - IEEE 1588-2008 V2

The RUB C3 is part of the RUBIDIUM SERIES 1 modular system which offers flexibility, future proof and longevity.
The RUB-C3 module conforms to SMPTE 2059-2 standards & IEEE 1588-2008 PTPv2 profile.
The RUB C3 is the one of the most accurate tools to generate PTP signals in the broadcast industry.
The RUB C3 has two 10MHz outputs and can be synchronized with any third-party SPG system.

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PTP - IEEE 1588-2008-V2
RUB C3 PTP system diagram
RUB C3 can operate in many different odes such as

  1. SLAVE mode, the C3 is configured as a PTP slave only. If the PTP master is unavailable within the network, the module will stay in listening mode waiting for the master PTP.
  2. GRAND-MASTER mode, the module is acting as a PTP Grandmaster and needs a reference from a GPS receiver such as RUB GNS10MHz.
  3. BOUNDARY CLOCK mode is a master-slave mode. The system is in slave mode, but can also act as a PTP master if master PTP is unavailable within the network.
  4. GRANDMASTER with PTP FALLBACK mode is a grandmaster mode with a fallback to slave mode if another master PTP signal is available within the network.
  5. BOUNDARY CLOCK with GPS mode is designed for unstable GPS-signal environments. In a network with more than one master, the system with the best GPS-signal becomes the master and all other systems become slaves.
  6. IEEE 1588 client, OCXO oscillator option is designed to improve free running accuracy by one magnitude (factor 10).
These are only some of the many features that we wanted to highlight on our new PTP - IEEE 1588-2008 V2 that we know will be a beneficial tool for your next IP-PTP timing system. To find out more please click "Read More" to visit the product web page for more information.
Should you need further information about this product or any other product, please email Sales or Tech team accordingly.

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